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Center For Advanced Design &           
Manufacturing Technology

                                            Prof. Bing LI,
Tel: (+86)0755-2603 3485
  E-Mail: libing.sgs@hit.edu.cn

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The Center for Advanced Design & Manufacturing Technology was established in 2002. The research directions of the center cover advanced design technology, advanced manufacturing mode and manufacture informatics, advanced manufacturing processes and equipment manufacturing technology, modern control technology etc. The research sub-directions include digital manufacture technology, web-based and collaborative design and manufacture technology, design theory and methodologies, creative and innovative design of mechanism, industrial design and conceptual design, ultro-precision machining and detecting, high-speed and high-precision motion control technology, FMS, CIMS etc. Now the center focus its research on design, analysis and virtual prototype of mechanisms, parallel mechanism and PKMs, machine vision technology, CAD/CAM/CAE, reverse engineering, FMS, CIMS and R & D of mechatronic products.


The center is aiming at the cultivation of postgraduates integrated the advantages of mechanical engineering and control engineering of HIT in Harbin campus, the center is authorized to recruiting PhD student in the majors of Mechatronics, Mechanical design and theory, Manufacturing and automation, Control theory and control engineering. A Joint AMT and Informatics Lab of HIT and HKPolyU is active in mutual research cooperation and supervision of MPhil students. In addition, the center has quite a lot cooperations with overseas universities and famous companies in Southern China region. The current ongoing research projects include Provincial Natural Science Foundation project and many industrial projects. The objective of the center is to become the top level research center in the field of design, manufacture and mechatronics in China.